Thursday, June 4, 2009

It has been an Effing long time...

Scott likes to remind me from time to time, that I do actually HAVE a blog, and that I should probably update it. So here goes:

Home: Home life is going well, Scott just finished his ASSociates in Engineering. He is left and right brained, and that makes me very jealous, becuase not only can he spell, he can do math too. Bastage. Also, the bastage got, like, straight Fraking A's. He makes it look soo easy. You should have seen some of his homework, it looked like Greek to me. I think it actually repelled me, I wasn't really able to stand being in the same room as it, so to me it looked like he never had homework, and never studied, I never saw a book --it repelled me too, so when I say he made it look easy, I wasn't lying.

Bella: Little miss tuditude is all done with the potty training, and really I didn't do much besides chip in for buying a couple bags of m&ms. Good deal if you ask me. She has become pretty shy, I am sure she gets it from me, I remember my mom sitting me down at least one time telling me I better break of out that shyness pronto. But she took the CUTEST class pictures, finally!! she wasn't crying or looking bloated, she was smiling and very happy! yay!!

Work: Still here at CDW, times are tough, resources spread thin, my blood pressure up, and I am going on year 13. UGH.

Writing: I wrote my novel and have not looked at it since November. I was thinking that if I got laid off from work, I would at least have something to turn in to perspective literary houses and maybe cross my fingers that someone somewhere would like at least a little of it. But I am still employed. I do have some pretty good ideas about the next ones, I think I'll do nano again in november. Luckily Scott got me a recorder and I have captured a few ideas...
I have been bitten by the traveling bug severely, I think my arm or leg is about to fall off from the infection. I am serious.
I have narrowed or have had narrowed the next big trip down to London and/or Paris. And I hope it becomes officially an AND. It is a matter of time.
Again, I was kinda thinking that I would be unemployed with this shit-ass economy, and that I would dip into my savings and go write at a cafe somewhere in Europe for a couple weeks and wastes away my savings.

I need to go back to Notre Dame cathedral and BAD.
I think my finger just fell off.

Anyway, I plan to do a little more blogging soon...I have to get back into writing, and I need my sister in law to tell me what that crazy street-slang word of the day site is again!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

March stuff

Howdy, I am really more over at facebook now, but look to the right in this screen, click hubby's blog and go see pics from our Florida vacation!!!

And remember to pick up your Twilight DVD tomorrow!! hahahaaa

I'll be busy for the next couple months watching Rob Pattinson on DVD. In my home.

Saturday, February 14, 2009